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We can't wait to have you!

We hope you have a wonderful stay while vacationing at 300 Ocean Mile. To help you enjoy your time here, please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines below!


Leave No Trace Ordinance

Our beach is a sea turtle nesting area. Please remove all of your things and fill in all holes you dig each day.  These items are a safety hazard and may keep a mother turtle from nesting or prevent the hatchlings from reaching the water.  If items are left on the beach, they may be removed by management. Thank you!


If you're planning to visit 300 Ocean Mile, please read through the following:

Pool Rules

Owner and Renter Policies

Community Map

Grease Disposal & Fat Trapper Instructions

Each home is equipped with a “Fat Trapper” for disposing of grease and oil, usually located under or around the kitchen sink. Please DO NOT put grease/oil down the sink, as it disrupts our delicate water treatment plant and is costly to remove. If you need more grease disposal bags, contact the Resident Manager at (850) 927-5678.


Important Contacts

Apalachicola (32320)

Police - 850.653.9755

City Hall - 850.653.9319

City Police - 850.653.8432

Fire - 850.653.2125

Post Office - 850.653.9554

St. George Island (32328)

State Park - 850.927.2111

Utilities - 850.927.2648

Volunteer Fire - 850.927.2753

Sub Station - 850.927.4242

Chronicle - 850.927.2186

Eastpoint (32328)

Volunteer Fire - 850.670.4299

Water/Sewer - 850.670.8177

Sheriff Office - 850.670.8500

Humane Society - 850.670.8417

Post Office - 850.670.8698

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