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Disaster Preparation

Natural disasters are serious business. 


Before You Arrive on the Island:

You can sign-up for alerts from Franklin County Emergency Management (FCEM) while you’re on the island. The Alert Franklin System sends emergency notifications in case of man-made or natural disasters, including wildfires.  The system also alerts for bridge closures, evacuation notices, as well as other non-weather related emergencies.  


Disaster Imminent:

If a disaster is imminent your rental agency or owner should keep you updated. If you have not heard from them, contact them directly. Do not call Security. Prepare yourself to leave quickly. You may not be allowed to reenter the Island after the storm.


Mandatory Evacuation

If a mandatory evacuation is issued, renters must leave the island. It’s illegal to stay. The Island bridge closes when winds get over 45 mph. 

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