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ACC Online Request Form
Applicant Information
Contractor Information (if applicable)

Use format: MM/DD/YYY - MM/DD/YYYY

Construction / Reconstruction Project

If this application involves construction or reconstruction to all or part of an exterior structure, please provide a description of the project and attach a detailed sketch or drawing of the proposed change. Please show the specific dimensions of the project in as much detail as possible.

Materials to be used: Please specify the type of materials you plan to use for this project. Example: Pressure treated lumber, Hardie board, etc.

Painting or Staining Projects

Please specify what you plan to paint/stain and the type of product you will use

Other Projects

For projects that do not involve construction, reconstruction, painting or staining, (door or window replacement, light replacement, storm shutters, etc.) please describe the proposed project, and the materials you plan to use.

Project or Materials Not Previously Approved

If the proposed project is different from projects historically approved by the Architectural Control Committee or if the materials you plan to use are not on the Architectural Control Committee Guidelines approved materials list, please provide justification on why this project should be considered by the Architectural Control Committee.

Thanks for submitting!

1.  The project described above must comply with the Governing Documents, including the bylaws, covenants and guidelines of the Townhomes of St. George Homeowners Association, Inc. as well as any Building or Zoning Codes or permit requirements to which the property is subject.

2.  The applicant agrees that no work proposed in this application will commence until written approval is received from the Architectural Control Committee.

3. Application approval usually takes no longer than 30 days so long as sufficient
documentation has been provided. The Architectural Control Committee will not consider a request until all requested information is received by the Committee.

4. A copy of this application will be returned to the applicant after action is taken by the Architectural Control Committee.

5. Work must be started within 45 days of approval and completed within 30 days of the commencement of the work.

6. In accordance with the Architectural Control Committee Guidelines, an applicant may appeal any decision by the Architectural Control Committee. An appeal must be forwarded to the Board of Directors via the Association Manager, within 48 hours after receipt of the Architectural Control Committee decision.

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